Andy Burgess


In his paintings of modernist homes, Andy Burgess astutely captures the clean lines of his architectural subjects. Working in a style he calls “Pop Geometry,” Burgess draws from the aesthetics of classic American advertising and graphic arts as well as early 20th-century abstract movements including Cubism and Russian Constructivism. The influence of David Hockney can be seen in his handling of paint and depictions of mid-century domestiles. More than simply rendering the architectural designs of Richard NeutraPierre Koenig, and Le Corbusier, Burgess breaks the structures down to their component parts and reassembles them on the canvas using a hard-edged style that emphasizes the sharp lines and angles of their internal geometry. Also working in collage, Burgess constructs intricate, mosaic-like compositions made from vintage matchbooks and other ephemera he has collected. Burgess has predominantly focused on printmaking since the mid–2010s.

200 Mass/ Conference Center