Auto Detailing

You can now get your car washed and detailed while you work at Capitol Crossing. Starting April 2023,Washington Mobile Detailing will be on site every other Thursday to take care of your car detailing needs, from full exterior wash to mini detail and everything in between. The car wash will be on P4 of our garage – on the days that they are onsite, their sign will be visible as you come down the ramp. Appointments are strongly recommended and walk-ins welcome, to book please call your car specialist Brad Lenkin at 202-409-6511. Services and pricing details are below.

Tentative Schedule
Please note that this schedule is weather dependent.
Thursday, December 14th

**Washington Mobile Detailing will not be available from 12/28/23 to 1/4/2024**

**Please remove all valuables from vehicle. Washington Mobile Detailing and Capitol Crossing are NOT responsible for lost or damaged items**

Auto Detailing FAQ’s

  1. Where can I find Washington Mobile Detailing?
    We will be located on P4 of the Capitol Crossing garage
  2. When can I start using this service?
    Washington Mobile Detailing will start servicing Capitol Crossing on Thursday, ­­­April 13th and will be there every other Thursday. Weather will play a factor in regularly scheduled appearances at Capitol Crossing. Therefore, it’s best to schedule an appointment ahead of time. 
  3. What are your hours of operations? 
    Washington Mobile Detailing will generally start at 8 AM and work until the last car is serviced. Ideally, the schedule will be set prior to arriving to the building. 
  4. Should I book an appointment beforehand?
    Yes, appointments are preferred and suggested so we can ensure that you get serviced the same day. Please call 202-409-6511 to book your appointment.
  5. What if I forget to book an appointment, can I still get my car serviced?
    Walk-ins are popular and we will do our best to accommodate them. However, if we can’t handle the amount of walk-ins or weather doesn’t permit for a particular Thursday, we will book you for two Thursdays from that specific day we are on site.
  6. What should I do to prepare my vehicle before I bring it in for service?
    Please remove all valuable items from the vehicle. Washington Mobile Detailing & Capitol Crossing are NOT responsible for lost or damaged items. 
  7. Do I have to drive my car down to P4?
    In order to streamline the process, initially, the service will require drop off on P4. 
  8. May I drop off my car the day before my scheduled appointment?
    Not at this particular time. Once we streamline the operation and become familiar with our operations in the garage, this is can become a possibility. 
  9. How long does car detailing take?
    Anywhere from 1-3 hours; depending on the service, size of the vehicle, and the condition of the vehicle. 
  10. What’s the difference between mini detail and full detail?
    The mini-detail allows the customer to pick and choose between elements of the interior and exterior detail. For example, let’s say you want some protection on the exterior paint and leather seats, if your vehicle is relatively new and in good shape the mini-detail is a fantastic service. The full detail is for both interior and exterior. 
  11. Do you offer a quick wash & vacuum, express service or partial detailing services?
    Absolutely, we want to accommodate the customer as best we can and the à la carte service is available primarily for that purpose. 
  12. Do you offer wax, polish, or buffing as a service?
    Absolutely, every vehicle is different so we aim to be as flexible as possible with services and pricing.
  13. What does A LA CARTE service mean?
    Our detailing services can be customized to your individual needs. If you would like us to concentrate on a certain area, our professional team will adjust to your needs.
  14. Can you remove scratches from my vehicle?
    Fine scratches that don’t go down to be painted services metal are sometimes removable, as well as transfer paint. 
  15. What products will be used?
    All products used are environmentally friendly and are purchased from Stoner Car Care, Malco, Meguiar’s, just to name a few.
  16. Is there an extra charges for SUV’s, Vans, Exotic and Classic cars?
    Prices vary between small and large cars as listed on the price sheet. However, prices may vary due to size and condition of vehicle.
  17. What type of payment is accepted? 
    All major credit cards are accepted at Washington Mobile Detailing.

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