Rooftop Terrace/Event Space

Our rooftop terrace is available to all tenants and their guests. The spacious terrace will enable tenants to relax, connect, and take a breath of fresh air with views of the Capitol Building. The terrace opens up to the penthouse lounge with an operable, glass Nanawall system. The multi-use penthouse will allow tenants to use the space as a lounge, conference, and event space. Reservations for both the terrace and lounge can be made online through the Tenant Center on a first come first serve basis. They can be reserved separately or simultaneously. The terrace has a maximum occupancy of 183 persons and the lounge has a maximum occupancy of 178 persons.

Complimentary WIFI is available. The use of the rooftop is complimentary; however, charges may be incurred for cleaning, security, etc.

**Please be aware that our penthouses are now furnished. We suggest that a walkthrough is done prior to any events to ensure that arrangements are made for any adjustments that may be needed for the existing furniture. As usual all spaces must be returned to their original configuration/layout.

Penthouse Rules, Regulations & Waiver


Rooftop Terrace FAQ’s

  1. How do I reserve the penthouse?
    Reservation for either the terrace or the penthouse can be made through the Tenant Center. Please make sure to specify if you are looking to reserve the terrace, the penthouse or both.
  2. What is the terrace and the penthouse lounge?
    The terrace is located on the penthouse level of the building. The terrace is an open-air space with tables and chairs. The Penthouse or lounge is an enclosed space where meetings and events can be held.
  3. Do I have to reserve both the terrace and PH?
    No. You do not have to reserve both the terrace and PH. They can be reserved separately or combined. For booking purposes, reserving (PH) includes both the Terrace (outside) & Lounge (inside/event box). Please specify in the note section if you would like to have the Nanawall open (this is the glass door separating the outside from the inside).
  4. Can I operate the nanawall?
    No. Tenants cannot operate the nanawall. If you need it to be opened for an event, please make a note in your reservation request.
  5. Is there a charge to reserve the rooftop terrace or PH?
    There are no charges associated with reserving the rooftop terrace or PH. However, there are charges associated with cleaning and additional security. Please reach out to the management team for details.
  6. Is A/V available in PH lounge?
    At this time, PH is not equipped with any A/V.
  7. Is there Wi-Fi on the rooftop?
    Yes, complimentary Wi-Fi is available ton the rooftop. The password is 200MassAve.
  8. Is there a catering space and/or kitchen on PH?
    Unfortunately, we do not have a catering kitchen on PH. However, catering companies are more than welcome to use the catering kitchen on the 2nd floor. We may be able to dedicate a small area for catering on the 200 Mass PH and 250 North PH, but this must be discussed and planned beforehand with the management team.
  9. Does the Catering company need to provide a certificate of insurance?
    Yes, all vendors, including catering companies must provide a certificate of insurance. A liquor license is required if catering company will serve alcohol. Please refer to the Tenant Vendor Insurance Requirement document for more information.
  10. Is cleaning including? 
    Cleaning will be including for any event with over 50 guests. Service will be provided by Pritchard, our janitorial vendor and the fee is $300. The fee can only be waived if cleaning services is included as  a part of catering contract.
  11. Where can our vendors park to load/unload equipment, furniture, food, etc.?
    We recommend that all vendors and catering companies use our loading dock. The entrance to the loading dock is located at 255 E St. NW (second building at the corner of 3rd & E St. NW). From there, the elevator can be taken from P0 to 1, exit onto the Plaza and across to 200 Mass.
  12. Are there tables and chairs for the PH lounge?
    Yes, we do have tables and chairs similar to the ones in the conference center that can set-up in the enclosed area. They are in the PH storage room. Please contact the management team if access is needed.
  13. Do you provide set-up for the enclosed area?
    While there is no on-site staffing dedicated with moving chairs and tables, it can be arranged through our cleaning vendor. Requests should be sent to Management at least two (2) business days prior or be included on the reservation portal under special requests. The fee is $50/hr with a minimum bill rate of 4 hours.
  14. How do elevator and rooftop door security and access work?
    We are able to allow access from the tenant floor to the rooftop, however, we cannot dedicate an elevator solely for your event. We are able to unlock the terrace doors upon request. Please contact the management team at least two (2) days in advance.
  15. Can we have a DJ/live music or entertainment?
    Yes, from 7 PM to 10 PM.
  16. Are their any DC restrictions or rules for noise?
    The normal noise restriction for the District is 10 PM.
  17. Can we use the rooftop in the 250 building?
    More than likely, yes. This is done on a case by case basis. Please contact the management team.
  18. Can we place a registration check-in table in the lobby of the building during an event?
    Yes, check-in tables are acceptable in the lobby so long that they are not obstructing access to elevator panels.
  19. Do you have a floor plan of the penthouses?
    Floor plans of the spaces can be found in the Penthouse Rules & Regulations under Documents & Forms.

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