The Galleries at Capitol Crossing

We believe that integrating artwork into Capitol Crossing’s common areas can significantly enhance the overall work environment, fostering a more vibrant and inspiring atmosphere for our tenants. We hope that our new collection can stimulate creativity, boost employee morale, and create a visually engaging space that promotes a positive corporate culture.  Most of our pieces are from established and up-and-coming D.C. artists. We hope you enjoy the new collection as much as we loved curating it with the help of Shore Art Advisory.


Additional curation in process


Andy Burgess

Avish Khebrezadeh

Brooke Fierce Bronner

Camilla Fallon

Dennis Nechvatal

Elizabeth Phuong

Jacqui Crocetta

Jason Yi

Jennifer Bartlett

John Cole

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann

Laurenée Gauvin

Louise Fishman

Martha Spak

Mary Heilmann

Natalie Cheung

Richard Bosman

Sam Gilliam

Sarah Kahle

Seth Marksberry

Victor Ekpuk

Ying Zhu


When we partnered with the Louis Dreyfus Foundation in 2020 & 2021, our intention was an Art Collection installment that was appealing, and thoughtful. We wanted our tenants to be able to enjoy great pieces by prominent artists such as Raymond Mason, John Newman, and Nicola Hicks, just to name a few. We were hoping that those who had the chance to walk our lobbies would feel like they were taking a stroll in an art gallery. We curated over sixty-six art pieces that were installed throughout the common areas at 200 & 250 Mass. As they say, all good things come to an end! We’ve said goodbye to our Louis Dreyfus Foundation Art Collection. The transition of our next Art Collection has already begun.

Enjoy a few of our favorite pieces from the last collection: