Conference Center

Conference Center

The conference center is also located on the 2nd floor at 200 Mass Ave., it includes a catering kitchen and lounge area, and is available for tenant bookings on a first come first serve basis through the reservation portal. There is no conference center at 250 Mass Ave.

Our conference center can be split by demising walls into 3 separate rooms of varying sizes or combined to one large room. All rooms are equipped with complimentary WIFI, A/V featuring tv screens with HDMI/USB capability for projection, 4K digital media receiver and room controller, integrated speakers, polycom phones for conference calls. Conference Rooms A & C have video cameras and ceiling mics.

Quick Starter Guide – Individual Rooms 
Quick Starter Guide – Master Panel

Conference Room A (955 SF), our second largest room, is set up in a hollow room style with 16 chairs and has a maximum occupancy of 63.

Conference Room A

Conference Room B (1528 SF), our largest room, is set up in a hollow room style with 28 chairs and has a maximum occupancy of 101

Conference Room B

Conference Room C (731 SF), our smallest room, is set up in a boardroom style, with 12 chairs and a maximum occupancy of 48.

Conference Room C

The conference center is free of charge and is open for use Monday — Saturday 7:00 am — 7:00 pm. Additional charges may be incurred for cleaning and overtime HVAC.

Conference Center Rules & Regulations


Conference Center FAQ’s

  1. Where is the conference center located?
    The conference center is located on the 2nd floor of the building.
  2. Can I book the conference center in 250 Mass?
    We only have a conference center located on the 2nd floor of 200 Mass. Currently, 250 Mass does not have a conference center.
  3. How many individuals can the conference center hold?
    The conference center as a whole (conference rooms A- B, and reception area) can hold up to 212 people. For individual room occupancy please see section above.
  4. What are the rules when using the conference center?
    Please refer to the conference center rules and regulations document.
  5. How do I reserve the conference center?
    To reserve the Conference Center, the tenant point of contact (“POC”) must submit a request through the reservation portal specifying which portions of the space will be used: Conference Room A, Conference Room B, Conference Room C or a combination of. Requests should include event name, head count, and hours (incorporating set-up and break-down time). Reserving the Conference Center means the space in its entirety. If your meeting is between 12-20 peopleConference Room C should be reserved. If your meeting is 30+ people, Conference Rooms A & B should be reserved. Management reserves the right to update your reservation as needed.
  6. How do I know if my reservation is booked? 
    Your reservation is not booked until you receive an automated confirmation email, stating that it’s been approved.
  7. Can I set up video conferencing?
    We recently updated our conference center to include cameras and ceilings mics in conference rooms A & C. The room is designated for you to BYO laptop and will support most videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Team, Webex, etc.
  8. For web conferencing, can a MAC computer be used or will the Crestron not recognize MAC’s?
    Yes,  Mac’s are fully compatible with the system. However, depending on model, some adapters/dongles may be required to provide the proper physical connection to the equipment, like this Apple Adapter. It can be used to connect the USB and HDMI from wall plate and provide a connection to the mac.
  9. What equipment is available to use in the conference center?
    All conference rooms are equipped with A/V featuring tv screens with HDMI/USB capability for projection, 4K digital media receiver and room controller, integrated speakers, polycom phones for conference calls. Conference Rooms A & C have video cameras and ceiling mics.
  10. Is there availability to add wireless microphone to A/B/C to boost the sound when the room is combined as it is a large space?
    Yes. There are multiple XLR and ¼” audio inputs located in all of the conference rooms(wallplates and/or floor boxes) that allow users to connect additional audio equipment such as microphones or mixers into the system. You would just need to connect your device and select the corresponding input from the “Mic/Line Audio” tab on the touch panel.
  11. Do each of the three rooms have a broadband ethernet connection? 
    Yes, each room is equipped with a broadband ethernet connection.
  12. Is there anyone that can set up the conference room?
    We do not have a dedicated staff to help with conference room re-configuration (table & chair set-up). Re-configuration of conference rooms is the host’s responsibility. Tenant understands that there is no on-site staffing dedicated to moving, removing, or rearranging furniture from the space, with advance notice, these services can be arranged through our cleaning vendor. Requests should be sent to Management at least two (2) business days prior or be included on the reservation portal under “special request. The fee is $50.00/hr with a minimum bill rate of 4 hours. Rooms must be returned back how they were found and originally set up as.
  13. Do we have any troubleshooting software installed (i.e. Proactive for remote monitoring or troubleshooting) in the room?
    All of the equipment is connected to an isolated AV network. This system is currently not proactive(no service or monitoring contract) and not remotely accessible. Any updates, changes or service would require a technician physically onsite to gain access to the system and its peripherals. While we understand that some of our tenants have client privilege information that they wish to safeguard, any changes to the system will be to the discretion of management, which will be communicated to the tenant beforehand.
  14. Is there an A/V person on-site solely for the Conference Center?
    While we do not have a dedicated A/V person on-site, the system as been updated so that the use can be plug and play. If you need additional assistance, please call our vendor at 888-454-6863, Option 2 or email ahead of your meeting.
  15. Is there Wi-Fi in the Conference Center?
    Yes, we do offer complimentary wi-Fi in our conference center. Login information is listed on the walls in every conference room.
  16. Can we place a registration check-in table in the lobby of the building during an event?
    Yes, check-in tables are acceptable in the lobby so long that they are not obstructing access to elevator panels.

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